H2S Crude Oil

H2S smallH2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is present in many crude oil streams at varying concentrations. In very low concentrations, less than 1 part of gas in a million parts of air (<1 ppm), it has a characteristic odor like that of rotten eggs. In high concentrations, it is toxic. A major factor in its toxicity is its ability to fatigue the sense of smell.  H2S loses the typical rotten eggs odor when the concentration rises.

H2S causes extreme corrosion of pipes, valves and fittings, which can cause a breakdown of oil and gas gathering systems.

Most pipeline systems prohibit the transport of crude oil with H2S concentrations in excess of 5 ppm.

Stratnor purchases H2S crude oil at a discount to the prevailing market benchmark. We use our proprietary processing technology to reduce gas concentrations to <5 ppm.

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