Off-Spec Crude Oil

Off-Spec crude oil, as distinct from used oil, is virgin or unused crude oil that exceeds the industry standard threshold of 0.5% in basic sediment and water (BS&W) content. Excess sediment and water content in crude oil is problematic because it can cause corrosion of equipment and create problems in processing. A determination of water and sediment content is required to measure accurately net volumes of actual oil in sales, taxation, exchanges, and custody transfers.

Stratnor purchases and cleans off-spec oil, bringing it to an industry-wide standard. The oil may originate from the lease or it may be skim oil or it may be oil obtained from production waste by means of centrifuge procedures.

We purchase off-Spec crude oil that is up to 40% BS&W, at a discount to the prevailing market benchmark. Through our proprietary technology and methodologies, we are able to virtually eliminate solids down to the minutest particles. We also remove water, entrained water and other impurities. Consequently we are able to provide our customers with clean, marketable crude oil that meets or exceeds all industry standards for BS&W content, typically <0.5%.

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