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Stratnor is a midstream crude oil trader and marketer with an emphasis on, though not exclusive to, the North American market. The company began with JV partnerships and processing arrangements with a network of refineries in the U.S. Gulf Coast. We manufactured refined petroleum products, marketing the fuels both domestically and in foreign markets. Concurrently, Stratnor leveraged its refining assets and relationships to bid for Suezmax and VLCC size crude oil parcels with state marketing companies overseas.

Since that time, the company has been reimagined as a midstream marketer and trader with an emphasis on the domestic market, and with a further emphasis on shale or tight oil. We believe strongly that despite the pricing vagaries inherent to the oil market, shale oil obtained via hydraulic fracturing and other unconventional and innovative methods is here to stay. And the United States market, free of much of the corruption and uncertainty that plague foreign jurisdictions, remains the most hospitable and conducive space in which to operate.

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