Who We Are


Stratnor (Strategic Northern) is a privately held manufacturer, processor and provider of crude oil. Our company trades physical volumes of crude oil daily.

Stratnor's core focus is on crude oil derived from shale formations located throughout the United States. With our strategically placed blending, treatment and loading facilities we are able to provide our clients timely deliveries with best practices.

With further expansion and asset acquisitions ongoing, Stratnor is uniquely positioned as a prime participant in the revolution that is reshaping the U.S. and international energy markets.

What We Do

We provide a wide range of north american crude oil streams

Stratnor trades merchantable virgin crude oil and remediates off-spec, sour and slop crude oil.

Midstream Marketing
Stratnor purchases and sells various North American crude oil grades, including North Dakota Light Sweet, West Texas Intermediate, Wyoming Sweet, Louisiana Light Sweet and more.
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Environmental Solutions
Stratnor purchases or otherwise takes delivery of a wide range of off-spec crude oil and waste material generated during the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas.
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Distribution Facility
To better serve our customers, Stratnor operates several crude oil distribution facilities in key strategic locations around the country.
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